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SubjectRe: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts
On 6/1/06, D. Hazelton <> wrote:
> VT switch to a VT where X is running. X will still require a VT and assume it
> has good access to the graphics system. While currently it has no problems,
> when drmcon becomes a reality there will have to be a state switch between
> the consoles settings and the setting for the VT running X.

> > > 14) backwards compatible, an old X server should still run on a new
> > > kernel. I will allow for new options to be enabled at run-time so that
> > > this isn't possible, but just booting a kernel and starting X should
> > > work.
> >
> > I'm not sure we want to continue supporting every X server released in
> > the last 25 years. But we should definitely support any X server
> > released in a 2.6 based kernel distribution. What are reasonable
> > limits?
> This is not a supportable position, Jon. I haven't seen it myself, but I'm
> willing to bet there are still a few systems out there running X5 but have a
> recent kernel. Since X version prior to 6 are no longer in wide use, however,
> this is something that could be done with little damage to anyone.
> But it still breaks the spirit of Linus' directive to "break nothing"

I don't know if break nothing applies to operating systems
masquerading as applications. "Break nothing" works both ways. Old X
servers are doing things like messing with the PCI bus that breaks new

Use some common sense here, who would update to a 2006 kernel and keep
running an X server from 1989? Pick a reasonable limit and say the
rest are unsupported. Why make a pile of work for yourself that no
sane person is ever going to make use of.

Remember, an X server from 1989 only contains drivers for hardware
from 1989 and earlier. Can 2.6 Linux boot on a 1989 PC with an 8514
graphics card? Does it support running in 640K with an AboveBoard?
Does anyone even remember what an AboveBoard did?

Jon Smirl
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