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SubjectRe: IO APIC IRQ assignment
Hi Thiago

> On a side note, did you consider that, for that purpose, the system
> you're using may be underpowered (that is, not enough CPU / Bus
> speed)??
> Depending on your system configuration, plus frequency and resolution
> of frame acquisition, yes, it's not going to work.

I doubt that is the case. We are using a Pentium M 1.8GHz, and only
capturing low resolution 3 fps from bttv. Wifi data transfer is only
done in small chunks (we split the data in chunks at the application
level, ie p2p file sharing concept). CPU usage is extremely low, ie
less than 5%.

> I've already encountered the PCI latency problem in a similar project
> (using BTTVs, the image would be missing some lines) with not so
> frequent captures and two BTTVs on the system)

How did you solve your problem in that project?

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