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SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc5-mm1
Robert Hancock wrote:
> Martin Bligh wrote:
>>> We have to get to the bottom of this - there's a shadow over about 500
>>> patches and we don't know which.
>>> iirc I tried to reproduce this a couple of weeks back and failed.
>>> Are you able to narrow it down to a particular LTP test? It was
>>> mtest01 or
>>> something like that? Perhaps we can identify a particular command line
>>> which triggers the fault in a standalone fashion?
>> The LTP output is here:
>> The last test run was memset01
>> From a good test run
>> (
>> the one after memset01 is a second instance of the same.
>> Which is bad I suppose, in that it's likely an intermittent failure.
>> Perhaps you can try running memset01 in a loop? I don't have such a
>> box set up here right now, I'm afraid ... will see what I can do.
>> OTOH, it looks like this might be a different failure than the double
>> fault we saw in previous -mm's, which was consistently in mtest01, IIRC.
> As a shot in the dark, I've seen problems on my Athlon 64 box with a
> program that does memset on a huge chunk of memory repeatedly which
> causes the machine to panic in various ways, lock up or reboot. Is this
> what that test is doing? I suspect my problem is caused by a AMD Athlon
> 64/Opteron CPU erratum 97 "128-Bit Streaming Stores May Cause Coherency
> Failure". The Newcastle CPU I have has this bug which can cause loss of
> coherency on non-temporal stores, which the glibc memset function uses.
> The BIOS is supposed to apply a workaround but I've no way of knowing if
> mine (Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe) is..
> And no it's not a memory problem, the system passes memtest86 overnight
> without error. The problem usually shows up within a minute of starting
> the continuous-memset program..

All sounds very sensible ... but not sure why -mm would hit it all the
time, and never mainline ...


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