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SubjectRe: printk's - i dont want any limit howto?
Ram wrote:
> Hi,


> I have a driver full of printks. i am trying to understand the way
> the driver functions using printks
> So, i have a situation where i want all the printk's to be printed
> come whatever.

That is the normal behavior.

> I dont want any rate limiting or anything else that prevents from
> my printks from appearing on the screen or dmesg.
> Its really confusing when only one of your printks appear and some
> just dont appear even though you expect them to appear.
> Is there any way to make all the printks to appear come what may?.
> If so, how do i do it?.
> Went through the printk.c am not sure setting the
> printk_ratelimit_jiffies = 0 and printk_ratelimit_burst= 1000 will do?
> am not sure if printk_ratelimit_jiffies = 0 is valid.

These are just used by "printk_ratelimit()" in constructs such as:

if (printk_ratelimit())
printk(KERN_INFO "some message that may appear very often");

If you simply use printk, there should be no rate limiting.

> please advice.

I would say your printk's are not getting called at all or the log level
of the messages is not sufficient for them to appear on the console or
on the log. See Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt ->
proc/sys/kernel/printk and syslog(2) for more documentation on this.

I hope this helps,

Paulo Marques -

Pointy-Haired Boss: I don't see anything that could stand in our way.
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