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SubjectRe: assert/crash in __rmqueue() when enabling CONFIG_NUMA
Martin J. Bligh wrote:	[Fri May 05 2006, 11:03:02AM EDT]
> >Ahhh. I hadn't made the ia64 connection. I wonder if it is worth
> >making CONFIG_HOLES_IN_ZONE say ia64 or something about vmem_map in it
> >somewhere. Might be worth at least a comment like this:
> >
> >+ if (page_in_zone_hole(buddy)) /* noop on all but ia64 */
> >+ break;
> >+ else if (page_zonenum(buddy) != page_zonenum(page))
> >+ break;
> >+ else if (!page_is_buddy(buddy, order))
> > break; /* Move the buddy up one level. */
> >
> >BTW, wasn't the whole idea of discontig to have holes in zones (before
> >NUMA) without tricks like this? ;)
> Sparsemem should fix this - that was one of the things Andy designed it
> for. Then we can remove the virtual memmap stuff (and discontig).
> Indeed, I'd hope we're ready to do that real soon now ... has anyone
> got an ia64 box that needed virtual memmap that they could test this
> on?
> M.
I totally agree about SPARSEMEM. I believe most ia64 boxes use
VIRTUAL_MEM_MAP. I only know of Fujitsu and myself that use SPARSEMEM
for ia64 (perhaps Andy too in his testing). Dave and I have advocated its use
more than once.

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