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SubjectRe: TCP/IP send, sendfile, RAW
On Thursday 04 May 2006 20:19, Roy Rietveld wrote:
> Can somebody help me with this.
> I'am new to Linux normaly i do programming for RTOS.
> I would like to send ethernet packets with 1400 bytes payload.
> I wrote a small program witch sends a buffer of 1400 bytes in a endless
> loop.
> The problem is that a would like 100Mbits throughtput but when i check this
> with ethereal.
> I only get 40 MBits. I tried sending with an UDP socket and RAW socket. I
> also tried sendfile.
> The RAW socket gives the best result till now 50 MBits throughtput.
> Is there something faster then send or am i doing something wrong.

Get netcat source and read it. It's small.

netcat is definitely able to saturate 100Mbit link with both TCP and UDP.
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