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SubjectRe: Remove silly messages from input layer.
On Wed, 3 May 2006, Dave Jones wrote:

> The latter message seems to trigger with certain keyboard switchers
> and again, does nothing but confuse people.

I rather think it's showing us there was a glitch when switching.

I have a mechanical switch that sometimes produces this message, and every
now and then, the keyboard loses its key repeat time/rate setting.
It often happens when the switch is not turned quickly or firmly enough
and in such a case I had the keyboard port lock up completely a few times.
I think the kernel should report such a situation.

If people are "confused" by valid error messages, they can use certain
proprietary operating systems that hide the ugly truth from them. What's
next, removing "access beyond end of device"? I want to stay informed if
my mechanical switch produces glitches. There are electronic ones that

It would be nice if kernel messages had a structure that allowed a
verbosity setting, but until then, non-confused users want the
information they can get.

Regards, Nuri
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