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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] s390: Hypervisor File System
    On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 05:01:07PM +0200, Michael Holzheu wrote:
    > Hi Greg,
    > Greg KH <> wrote on 05/04/2006 04:42:59 PM:
    > > > I would suggest do do it like /sys/kernel and put the code
    > > > into kernel/ksysfs.c and include/linux/kobject.h
    > >
    > > No, if you do that then every kernel gets that mount point, when almost
    > > no one really wants it :)
    > >
    > > If you leave it as a separate file, then the build system can just
    > > include the file as needed.
    > >
    > So you want a new config option CONFIG_HYPERVISOR?

    Sure. But don't make it a user selectable config option, but rather,
    one your S390 option sets.

    That way the Xen and other groups can also set it when they need it.

    > When no one except for us wants it, wouldn't it be best
    > then to create /sys/hypervisor first in the hypfs code?
    > If someone else needs it in the future, we still can move
    > it common code.

    The Xen people need it too. Now who knows when their code will ever hit


    greg k-h
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