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SubjectRe: [RFC 3/5] sched: Add CPU rate hard caps
>> Using a timer for releasing tasks from their sinbin sounds like a  bit
>> of an overhead. Given that there could be 10s of thousands of tasks.
> The more runnable tasks there are the less likely it is that any of them
> is exceeding its hard cap due to normal competition for the CPUs. So I
> think that it's unlikely that there will ever be a very large number of
> tasks in the sinbin at the same time.
for containers this can be untrue... :( actually even for 1000 tasks (I
suppose this is the maximum in your case) it can slowdown significantly
as well.

>> Is it possible to use the scheduler_tick() function take a look at all
>> deactivated tasks (as efficiently as possible) and activate them when
>> its time to activate them or just fold the functionality by defining a
>> time quantum after which everyone is worken up. This time quantum
>> could be the same as the time over which limits are honoured.
agree with it.


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