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SubjectRe: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts
On Wednesday 31 May 2006 04:16, Jon Smirl wrote:
> On 5/30/06, D. Hazelton <> wrote:
> > Like I've said, this has gone onto my list. Now to get back to the
> > code... I really do want to see about getting this stuff into the kernel
> > ASAP.
> You might want to leave the DRM hot potato alone for a while and just
> work on fbdev. Fbdev is smaller and it is easier to get changes
> accepted.

Yes, but I have accepted that there is a certain direction and order the
maintainers want things done in. For this reason I can't just leave DRM

> A small project would be to get secondary adapter reset working. I
> believe the work would be well received by the fbdev people.
> You can start by using vbetool with a slight modification to get the
> ROM image from sysfs
> Then add the check in fbcore to see if it is a secondary adapter.
> Modify /sys/class/firmware/ to handle generic helpers instead of just
> the firmware one
> After you get that going make the real reset app with emu86 support, etc
> Finally modify the ROM attribute so that you can write the altered ROM
> image back in
> Keep everything as a separate project until the kernel (klibc merge)
> tree is ready to accept it
> This is not a big project but it could take up to a month to complete
> since you need to familiarize yourself with how everything works.

On the list already, almost exactly as you describer it. It's going to wait
until I have a solid framework layed out.

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