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SubjectRe: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts
On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 07:21:11AM +0800, Antonino A. Daplas wrote:
> > 2) To modify appropriate fbdev drivers to not do mode change at startup.
> > Fill fb_*_screeninfo with appropriate values for text mode instead.
> Most drivers do not change the mode at startup. Do not load fbcon, and
> you will retain your text mode even if a framebuffer is loaded.

Yes, but i wrote about _using_ fbcon and fbdev without mode change.

> > 3) (optional) To modify appropriate fbdev drivers to be able to switch
> > back from graphics mode to text mode.
> And a few drivers already do that, i810fb and rivafb. Load rivafb or i810fb,
> switch to graphics mode, unload, and you're back to text mode.

I though about being able to explicitly change mode from graphics to text
(for example when fbdev-only X switch to fbcon) while using fbdev.

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