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SubjectRe: How to send a break? - dump from frozen 64bit linux

> >
> > 2) You should try the latest stable kernel. Currently that's
> > (
> > There have been lots of fixes added since 2.6.15.x and perhaps you are
> > lucky that whatever is giving you trouble has already been fixed in
> > that kernel.

This time i try the kernel, but the issue is the same!

Here is the logs: (The frozen system,
540KB) (After
reboot, the working system, 300KB, uptime 54 min) (The boot dmesg

Can somebody tell me, whats wrong?

It seems like some part of the fs died.
(The "top", "watch df" hangs on the ssh window, in the "mc" the line is
moving, but if i try to step in/out from/to dir, it hangs too, ping reply is
working. )

I use only 3 fs:
- the root FS on NFS.
- one XFS mount point from sata drive (200GB)
- one huge XFS mount point from NBD. (14TB)


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