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SubjectRe: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts

> >Actually the suspend/resume has to be in userspace, X just re-posts
> >the video ROM and reloads the registers... so the repost on resume has
> >to happen... so some component needs to be in userspace..
> I'd like to see the simple video POST program get finished. All of the
> pieces are lying around. A key step missing is to getting klibc added
> to the kernel tree which is being worked on.
> BenH has the emu86 code. I agree that is simpler to always use emu86
> and not bother with vm86. He also pointed out that we need to copy the
> image back into the kernel after the ROM runs. Right now you can only
> read the ROM image from the sysfs attribute. The ROM code has support
> for keeping an image in RAM, it just isn't hooked up to the sysfs
> attribute for writing it.

Actually, vbetool is the piece of puzzle we currently use to
reinitialize graphics cards after resume. (

We currently do it all in userspace; it would be cleaner to do it as
call_usermodehelper() from kernel.

(cesky, pictures)
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