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SubjectRe: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts
> >
> > > >No, to the contrary. suspend/resume can't ever work properly with
> > > >vgacon and vesafb. It works okay with radeonfb tooday, and in fact
> > > >radeonfb is neccessary today for saving power over S3.
> > >
> > > But the things is today for many users suspend/resume to RAM works for
> > > people running X drivers, I know on my laptop that my radeon
> > > suspends/resumes fine when running vgacon/DRM/accelerated X, it
> > > doesn't suspend/resume at all well when running vgacon on its own of
> > > course. or with radeonfb for that matter. so I still believe the
> > > suspend/resume code for a card can live in userspace if necessary but
> > > it just shouldn't be part of X... it needs to be part of another
> > > graphics controller process.
> >
> > So we are mostly in agreement. I'd prefer to have suspend/resume code
> > in kernel in cases it is simple... but separate userspace process is
> > better than having it in X.
> Don't draw any conclusions from saying that suspend/resume works in X
> and doesn't work on xx_fb. What matters is that a set of code that can
> perform suspend/resumes exists at all. Once a coherent driver model is
> designed the relevant code can be moved to the correct place.

Actually the suspend/resume has to be in userspace, X just re-posts
the video ROM and reloads the registers... so the repost on resume has
to happen... so some component needs to be in userspace..

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