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SubjectRe: How to send a break? - dump from frozen 64bit linux
> On Tue, 30 May 2006 12:22:01 +0200, Janos Haar said:
> > (The frozen
> > 540KB)
> > Can somebody tell me, whats wrong?

> kblockd/1 D ffff81011f641778 0 25 19 26 24
> ffff81011f641778 0000000000000000 0000000000000009 ffff81011f735358
> ffff81011f735140 ffff81011fc79100 000014a00f9a0ef2 00000000000410dd
> 0000000102866d40 ffff810003900280
> Call Trace: <ffffffff8026d72a>{xfs_qm_shake+135}
> <ffffffff804e62e4>{mutex_lock+41}
> <ffffffff80157cfd>{shrink_slab+100}
> <ffffffff80153c3f>{__alloc_pages+432}
> <ffffffff804848ad>{inet_sendmsg+70}
> <ffffffff8013d3e0>{autoremove_wake_function+0}
> <ffffffff8802c111>{:nbd:sock_xmit+273}
> <ffffffff80169b1b>{poison_obj+39}
> <ffffffff80169c11>{cache_alloc_debugcheck_after+235}
> <ffffffff8015195d>{mempool_alloc_slab+17}
> <ffffffff8802c472>{:nbd:nbd_send_req+517}
> <ffffffff802d9b45>{as_work_handler+46}
> <ffffffff802d9b17>{as_work_handler+0}
> <ffffffff8013a383>{worker_thread+260}
> <ffffffff8013a27f>{worker_thread+0} <ffffffff8013d29f>{kthread+219}
> <ffffffff8012590d>{schedule_tail+70}
> <ffffffff8013d1c4>{kthread+0} <ffffffff8010bb9e>{child_rip+0}
> Half the processes on the box seem wedged at that same mutex_lock. I can't
> seem to find an xfs_qm_shake in my source tree though.

The XFS, what i use is the default on the
Anyway, the is unpatched, i can use it from the original source.
This kernel already know what i need.
I only use this external module:

The XFS parts:


Sorry, but i cannot understand the mutex and lock, this is bad thing in this
dump? :-)

Anyway, this issue since then i step from i686 to X86_64!
I have upgrade the OS from rh9.0 to FC 5, and i had recompile to 64bit ALL
of the services, what i need to use.
(Kernel, apache, mysql+lib+client,pure-ftpd, nbd-client, xfs, php+libs)

Why doing this?
Because i need to use >2TB nbd-devices, and the nbd-client refused to use
them on 32bit. :-(
After i upgrade to X86_64, i have upgrade my huge device from 8TB to 14TB.
(And on XFS, there is no way to shrink back...)

Another useful info:
If this issue happens, i always use the reset button, or the sysreq-boot
with the serial cable.
During the reboot, the rc script runs the xfs_repair on my 2 general device,
and i can see, both are clean!
This shows, the kernel can flush the buffers using nbd, and sata (libata)!
The NFS-ROOT can not to be unclean. :-)


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