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    SubjectRe: [v4l-dvb-maintainer] Re: Stradis driver conflicts with all other SAA7146 drivers
    Em Seg, 2006-05-29 às 15:43 +0200, Michael Hunold escreveu:
    > Hi,
    > on 29.05.2006 15:33 Mauro Carvalho Chehab said the following:
    > > On bttv and other boards, were we have such conflicts, we have an option
    > > to specify what board is used (called card). When the driver locates a
    > > board without PCI subvendor ID, it shows a help msg at dmesg and exits
    > > (or load a generic handler). The user may then use card=xx (where xx is
    > > the number of the board). IMHO, this is the better for saa7146 boards.
    > bttv is a monolithic driver for all devices using Bt8x8 chipsets,
    > whereas saa7146 and saa7146_vv only hold the core infrastructure that is
    > common for all saa7146 cards.
    > saa7146 does not know anything about a card, but the so-called extension
    > driver (like mxb, hexium_orion or dpc7146) does. It holds the PCI IDs
    > and is responsible for telling the system what card it supports and do
    > any probing if necessary.
    > I don't know where to put the card=xx parameter in that case, because
    > the hexium_orion does not know mxb nor dpc7146. 8-(
    > Since these cards don't have subvendor/subdevice IDs, it's impossible to
    > find out which card is in the system.

    We have two tasks:

    1) Integrate your code and Nathan one;

    2) create a generic handler for all saa7146 boards, moving all PCI probe
    to the newer module. After detecting the card number, it should request
    the specific module.

    > CU
    > Michael.

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