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SubjectRe: Asus K8N-VM Motherboard Ethernet Problem
Marc Perkel wrote:
> Is there a problem with the forcedeth driver not being compatible with
> the Asus K8N-VM motherboard? I installed Fedora Core 5 and the Ethernet
> doesn't want to work. I installed the latest FC5 kernel which is some
> flavor og 2.6.16 and it still doesn't work. The FC4 CD and rescue disk
> don't work either. Windows XP however does work so I know that hardware
> is good.
> lspci says the hardware is an nVidia MCP51 ethernet controller. What am
> I missing?

I had similar issues on A8N-VM. The device would stop working after some
packets initially got through and would not recover.

As I recall 'noapic' made it work reliably. nvidia has a linux binary
driver for the chipset which you can try (you probably already use the
binary video driver?).

Eyal Lebedinsky ( <>
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