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SubjectRe: XFS write speed drop

>> Well as mentioned, -o nobarrier solved it, and that's it. I do not
>> actually need barriers (or an UPS, to poke on another thread), because
>> power failures are rather rare in Germany.
> Then there are mistakes like someone stepping on the power
> cord, pulling out the wrong one, drilling holes in the wall,
> there are kernel crashes, there is lightning,
> there is the possibility that some
> component inside the box just breaks.
A mathematician has fear of flying because there could possibly be a
terrorist bomb inside the plane. What does he do?
Taking an bomb with himself, because the probablity that there are two
bombs inside a plane is lower than one.

What I am wanting to say is that the factors you mentioned just do not happen
here, at this one - home - box.

Jan Engelhardt
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