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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add compile domain (was: Re: [PATCH] Well, Linus seems to like Lordi...)

>> As for extending the linux_banner, here's a real patch in my line...
>No, this sucks.
Read the subject (still contains Lordi) , so take this ("real") with a
grain of salt.

>Sane configurations already have the FQDN as the hostname. It's quite
>common to have "hostname" be the full name, and domainname be "(none)"
>(with dnsdomainname being the domain name).
>I think your patch would make it say
>for me.
# cat /proc/version
Linux version 2.6.17-rc4 (jengelh@shanghai) (gcc version 4.1.0 (SUSE
Linux)) #1 Sat May 20 00:06:16 CEST 2006
# hostname
# hostname --fqdn
# dnsdomainname

If the FQDN was already in the kernel, I would not have submitted this.
Frankly, the only that that I have not done was compile test it :)

>So just fix your hostname to give the full hostname. Nothing less makes
>any sense anyway.
Oh in that case you just found a bug in suse linux.

> Linus

Jan Engelhardt
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