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SubjectRe: [RFT] major libata update
Tejun Heo wrote:
> * Proposed solution
> It seems that the only solution is to make use of the PCS presence bits
> somehow. It is know that 6300ESB family of controllers have flaky
> presence bits (ata_piix marks them with PIIX_FLAG_IGNORE_PCS), but I
> couldn't find any document/errata for PCS bits for any other
> controllers. So, we can use PCS for all !PIIX_FLAG_IGNORE_PCS
> controllers or take a conservative approach and make use of it only on
> cases where ghosting problem is reported (ICH7 and 8, I guess. Can
> anyone test 6?).
> Please note that we already use some use of the PCS value when probing
> SATA port. If its value is zero, we skip the port. It's done this way
> mainly due to historical reasons - until recently ata_piix didn't have
> MAP tables to map PM/PS/SM/SS to specific ports thus used the PCS values
> in rougher form.
> Jeff, what do you think?

Sounds sane...


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