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SubjectRe: APIC error on CPUx

I also have this [a similar] message; it is produced repeatedly between 2.5
and 5 seconds whenever the ISDN card is dialled in:
May 22 14:28:18 shanghai kernel: APIC error on CPU0: 02(02)

Linux shanghai 2.6.17-rc4 #1 Sat May 20 00:06:16 CEST 2006 i686 athlon
i386 GNU/Linux

>>>>>Debian 3.1
>>>>>Linux mailserver 2.6.8-3-686-smp #1 SMP Thu Feb 9 07:05:39 UTC 2006 i686
>>>>That's an ancient kernel.
>>>Yes, I agree.
>>> ... but the latest in Debian/Sarge. :-)
>>>Do you, Andi, thing that upgrade to latest vanilla one ( from
>>> ) should solve this problem ?
>>Probably not.
>>>>>Intel SR1200
>>>>If it's an <=P3 class machine: most likely you have noise on the APIC bus.
>>>Yes, you are right :
>>>cat /proc/cpuinfo
>>>model name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) III CPU family 1133MHz
>>>"Noise on APIC bus" means - " a lot of interrupts from devices" ?


14:29 shanghai:~ > (while :; do cat /proc/interrupts |grep -i hisax; sleep
1; done)
193: 1111340 IO-APIC-level SiS SI7012, HiSax
193: 1113106 IO-APIC-level SiS SI7012, HiSax
193: 1114857 IO-APIC-level SiS SI7012, HiSax
193: 1116599 IO-APIC-level SiS SI7012, HiSax
193: 1118328 IO-APIC-level SiS SI7012, HiSax
193: 1120093 IO-APIC-level SiS SI7012, HiSax
193: 1121858 IO-APIC-level SiS SI7012, HiSax
193: 1123608 IO-APIC-level SiS SI7012, HiSax

The problem goes away with noapic or acpi=off, but of course that also
means you don't have IRQs > 15.

>>Usually a crappy/broken/misdesigned motherboard.

Elitegroup L7S7A2 here.

>And, probably, the latest question related to this topic:
>Can "noapic" or "nolapic" solve this ? Does it mean ( with these
>parameters ) that devices will start to use 8259 interrupt controller
>instead APIC ?
>Is harmfull put "noapic" on "nolapic" to cmdline ?

Jan Engelhardt
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