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    SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc4-mm2
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > "Martin J. Bligh" <> wrote:
    >>Panic on boot on 2-way PPC64
    >> Bad page state in process 'idle'
    >> page:c0000000010c3100 flags:0x0003300000000000 mapping:0000000000000000
    >> mapcount:0 count:0
    >> Trying to fix it up, but a reboot is needed
    >> Backtrace:
    >> Call Trace:
    >> [C0000000004CBB70] [C00000000000EEE8] .show_stack+0x74/0x1b4 (unreliable)
    >> [C0000000004CBC20] [C000000000098D04] .bad_page+0x80/0x134
    >> [C0000000004CBCB0] [C000000000099F28] .__free_pages_ok+0x134/0x280
    >> [C0000000004CBD70] [C00000000039C4F8] .free_all_bootmem_core+0x15c/0x320
    >> [C0000000004CBE50] [C0000000003923AC] .mem_init+0xc0/0x294
    >> [C0000000004CBEF0] [C000000000385700] .start_kernel+0x208/0x300
    >> [C0000000004CBF90] [C000000000008594] .start_here_common+0x88/0x8c
    > I dunno, Martin. I obviously need to resurrect the
    > takes-seven-minutes-to-boot pseries machine here, but I need to get -mm3

    Don't kill yourself over it - the blade seems to do it, but the p650
    (8x) doesn't, so it may not help.

    > out without Mel's patches to see how much that fixes. So if you could test
    > -mm3 and if that fixes it then we have a likely culprit.

    Sure, no problem. I suppose I should really make this thing do automated
    bisection chopsearch ... I had that half-working when at IBM, but it'll
    have to wait for the next generation now ... shouldn't take all that long.

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