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    SubjectRe: [RFC] kernel facilities for cache prefetching
    >> > Another interesting approach would be to actually put all the data you
    >> > want to use in a non-fragmented, sequential area on disk somehow (there
    >> > is an OLS paper submitted about that by Ben) so that at least the disk
    >> > side is seekless...
    >> You are right, reducing seeking distances helps not much. My fluxbox
    >> desktop requires near 3k seeks, which can be loaded in the 20s init.d
    >> booting time. But for KDE/GNOME desktops, some defragging would be
    >> necessary to fit them into the 20s time span.
    >or just move the blocks (or copy them) to a reserved area...

    Or even put it into a ramdisk, and then fix userspace. When Gnome loads
    more than 10000 files [], it sounds like a
    design problem.

    Jan Engelhardt
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