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    SubjectRe: replacing X Window System !
    On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 09:31:08PM +0200, linux cbon wrote:
    > What do you think about this :
    > and this

    If you want to hear negative things about X11 or Linux, you might find
    quotes from Theo.

    If you want to hear negative things about BSD, you might find quotes
    from Linus.

    > If I am a troll, then who are Theo or Linus ?

    Theo and Linus are people who sometimes have controversal views, but who
    also have significantely contributed to open source software.

    That's the difference between them and you.

    It seems you are a troll.
    If you want to prove me wrong, simply send an implementation of your
    ideas and there will be a basis for a technical discussion.

    > Thanks



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    of the darkness. There had been need of rain for many days.
    "Only a promise," Lao Er said.
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