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SubjectRe: Panic in ipt_do_table with
On Mon, 15 May 2006, Matt Ayres wrote:

> I had initially sent my traces to the Xen guys. They have not stated it is
> NOT specific to Xen, just that's it's unlikely. I did not experience the
> problem with kernel 2.6.12, just with 2.6.16 (up to .13 bugfix release). I
> have completely disabled all support for SCTP (protocol/netfilter/conntrack)
> as I know it is still quite buggy. I know Xen touches the network code a lot,
> but nothing specific to iptables. I had contacted them twice before LKML as I
> didn't want to post patch specific problems here. I have no other patches
> applied besides the Xen patch.
> My ruleset is pretty bland. 2 rules in the raw table to tell the system to
> only track my forwarded ports, 2 rules in the nat table for forwarding
> (intercepting) 2 ports, and then in the FORWARD tables 2 rules per VM to just
> account traffic.

Can you try using a different NIC?

- James
James Morris
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