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Theodore Tso wrote:
> +----------+
> | PLEASE |
> | DO NOT |
> | FEED THE |
> | TROLLS |
> +----------+
> | |
> | |
> .\|.||/..
> -

Luke is right, and so are you, Ted. Rather than leave the above stand,
and not post to the topic again, it has been requested that I apologize,
and I agree with the necessity.

I would like to apologize for being a troll.

I did the inflammatory reaming in public; only fair I should do the
conciliatory gesture in public. My contributions to the discussion were
a) noise, b) not a positive contribution to the topic, c) bad-spirited,
and d) partially ad hominem. Additionally, they constituted an
unnecessary response to the topic, because the people involved in the
respective subject areas are more than capable of responding sensibly
and effectively and positively. If, indeed, I believe someone to be
trolling the list, I should ignore him and reduce the noise; I should
not have sounded off at Luke in the manner in which I did. That was
uncalled for, and I apologize.

If I wish to positively contribute to the mailing list in the future, I
shall try to do so where I have relevant, useful, well-formed questions,
or relevant, useful, well-informed answers. I will keep a civil tongue.

Matthew Frost
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