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SubjectRe: pcmcia oops on 2.6.17-rc[12]

On Tue, 16 May 2006, Alan Cox wrote:
> The reason they do it is also however because the ISA bus IRQ allocation
> scheme and IRQ probing scheme they use for auto detection relies upon
> other users marking the IRQ as exclusively used. The same is true for
> things like setserial and ISA ports.

The irq auto-detection should work with shared interrupts, but yes, it
won't _detect_ them if they are already in use (but it's ok with them
becoming shared later).

That said, true ISA cards obviously won't ever have a shared irq, in any
normal circumstances.

Which is one reason why I think it would be silly to force such a driver
to use a SA_SHIRQ flag, and would prefer to do it the other way instead
(ie make drivers that fundamentally _require_ - as opposed to "in
practice use" - an exclusive interrupt say so).

> PCMCIA doesn't seem to have too many offenders, and the number of
> drivers is low so it won't take long to go over them.


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