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SubjectRe: Panic in ipt_do_table with
Patrick McHardy wrote:
> Matt Ayres wrote:
>> I have been noticing this same problem dozens of times and have finally
>> caught a full trace. I have run it through ksymoops, but there is no
>> /proc/ksyms. Is there a better method for getting information out of
>> the Code line than using ksymoops in 2.6 kernels?
> CONFIG_KALLSYMS will make the kernel decode the oops itself.

That's odd, I had thought that too. This is what "zcat /proc/config.gz
| grep KALL" shows:


I take it my run through ksymoops was of no help in diagnosing the
problem? The panic is _always_ in ipt_do_table.

>> The kernel is for Xen, but it does not appear to be related to Xen.
> We haven't had problems in that code for ages, so my initial feeling
> is that it probably is related to Xen. Do you have any other patches
> applied besides Xen? Please also post the full ruleset you're using
> and anything else that might appear special about your setup.

I had initially sent my traces to the Xen guys. They have not stated it
is NOT specific to Xen, just that's it's unlikely. I did not experience
the problem with kernel 2.6.12, just with 2.6.16 (up to .13 bugfix
release). I have completely disabled all support for SCTP
(protocol/netfilter/conntrack) as I know it is still quite buggy. I
know Xen touches the network code a lot, but nothing specific to
iptables. I had contacted them twice before LKML as I didn't want to
post patch specific problems here. I have no other patches applied
besides the Xen patch.

My ruleset is pretty bland. 2 rules in the raw table to tell the system
to only track my forwarded ports, 2 rules in the nat table for
forwarding (intercepting) 2 ports, and then in the FORWARD tables 2
rules per VM to just account traffic.

I've CC'ed xen-devel on this in case they can provide some insight. I
am not subscribed to LKML so please make sure to reply to me also in

Thank you,
Matt Ayres
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