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SubjectRe: [PATCH 008 of 8] md/bitmap: Change md/bitmap file handling to use bmap to file blocks.
On Monday May 15, wrote:
> Ho hum, I give up.

Thankyou :-) I found our debate very valuable - it helped me clarify
my understanding of some areas of linux filesystem semantics (and as I
am trying to write a filesystem in my 'spare time', that will turn out
to be very useful). It also revealed some problems in the code!

> I don't think, in practice, this code fixes any
> demonstrable bug though.

I thought it was our job to kill the bugs *before* they were
demonstrated :-)

I'm still convinced that the previous code could lead to deadlocks or
worse under sufficiently sustained high memory pressure and fs

I'll send a patch shortly that fixes the known problems and
awkwardnesses in the new code.

Thanks again,
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