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SubjectRe: pcmcia oops on 2.6.17-rc[12]
On Llu, 2006-05-15 at 15:02 -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Note that some PCMCIA architectures simply _will_not_ give you a private
> IRQ. Ever. They may not have any ISA interrupts to give, even to old
> 16-bit cards. So the choice may be "shared irq or nothing".

Yes I realise that, the test patches in my tree will hand back a shared
one but hand back the status so you know you asked for exclusive, got
shared and need to decide.

> So I would strongly argue that any driver that depends on getting an
> exclusive IRQ is buggy, not the PCMCIA layer itself, and that it would be
> a lot more productive to try to fix those drivers.

It would certainly be a lot cleaner than this sort of code in the pcmcia
core right now. Want me to send a patch which only allows for SA_SHIRQ
and WARN_ON()'s for any driver not asking for shared IRQ ?
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