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SubjectRe: send(), sendmsg(), sendto() not thread-safe
Followup to:  <>
By author: Mark A Smith <>
In newsgroup:
> I discovered that in some cases, send(), sendmsg(), and sendto() are not
> thread-safe. Although the man page for these functions does not specify
> whether these functions are supposed to be thread-safe, my reading of the
> POSIX/SUSv3 specification tells me that they should be. I traced the
> problem to tcp_sendmsg(). I was very curious about this issue, so I wrote
> up a small page to describe in more detail my findings. You can find it at:
> .
> Thanks,
> Mark A. Smith
> PS. I am using the term "thread" in the general sense, this is a problem
> independent of pthreads, etc. The problem occurs when two processes
> (whether or not they share an address space) send on the same socket (and
> some other low-resource conditions exist).

User error. Writes onto a streaming socket (or a pipe) are
thread-safe, *but not necessarily atomic*, if the size exceeds PIPE_BUF.

If you want atomicity you either have to do your own locking, or use a


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