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SubjectRe: [FIXED] Re: Total machine lockup w/ current kernels while installing from CD
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <> wrote:
> On Monday, 15. May 2006 22:45, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > It's odd that we'll run initrds in a !SYSTEM_RUNNING state.
> True, especially because we run initramfs in SYSTEM_RUNNING state.
> > It's not an oops - it's sort-of a warning. Did the system actually
> > continue to run and boot up OK?
> No, it was a lockup and the system just hung at the point forever, so the
> lockup detection was right.

This is odd. Your machine hangs if cond_resched() is a no-op. This should
not happen.

What does `grep PREEMPT .config' say?

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