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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix mem-leak in netfilter
Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Patrick McHardy ( wrote:
>>This is the updated patch, it changes the eviction strategy
>>to LRU and fixes a bug related to TTL handling, the TTL stored
>>in the entry should only be overwritten if the IPT_RECENT_TTL
>>flag is set.
> This looks like least-recently-added as opposed to least-recently-used
> (or, really, least-recently-updated). Not sure how you move an entry in
> the lru list (perhaps just delete/add?) but I'm pretty sure
> recent_entry_update() needs to be modified to move the updated entry to
> the end of the list for correct operation.

Good point, I'll fix the patch.

> You also don't appear to check if 't' (the table following the
> recent_table_lookup() call) is valid in the 'match' (around
> line 191). recent_entry_lookup() doesn't check that either. It seems
> like you should be guarenteed to always get a table back but it might be
> prudent to check anyway.

It is guaranteed that we will get a valid table back, otherwise
there must be a serious bug somewhere else, in which case I
prefer to crash instead of hiding it away.
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