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SubjectRe: [openib-general] Re: [PATCH 0 of 53] ipath driver updates for 2.6.17-rc4
Roland Dreier wrote:
> Roger> What should these patches apply against?
> No idea. Bryan said they apply against Linus's current git, but I
> didn't actually try.
> - R.

I checked the rc4 -> git patches (there is only 1 ipath patch in it),
and I get a number of patch fails attempting to apply the patches,
I have the older 5/12/06 patch that was sent and I also get a number
of fails trying to apply that, though that may mean to be applied to
rc3 and not rc4, but rc4 + older patch + newer patches fails, and
rc4 + git + newer patches fails, looking through the code there are
a few things that I cannot find where the code in the context diff
came from.

I did attempt to resolve some of the funniness but there were things
that I appear to be missing (things in the context diff that I cannot
find exist in rc4 and I cannot find being added in any patch), so
I don't think I can even get everything to apply even with manual

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