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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86 NUMA panic compile error

* Andi Kleen <> wrote:

> > x86 is a legacy architecture now anyway, right? ;)
> I wish everybody would agree on that @)

as far as i'm concerned x86 is obsolete: my main devel and testboxes are
64-bit throughout, and i develop for 64-bit by default.

Nevertheless for hard-to-debug bugs i prefer if they can be reproduced
and debugged on 32-bit too, because x86_64 debugging is still quite a
PITA and wastes alot of time: for example it has no support for exact
kernel stacktraces. Also, the printout of the backtrace is butt-ugly and
as un-ergonomic to the human eye as it gets - who came up with that
"two-maybe-one function entries per-line" nonsense? [Whoever did it he
never had to look at (and make sense of) hundreds of stacktraces in a

Also, the majority of kernel bugs still get reported on 32-bit and most
of the testers are on 32-bit. So x86_64 is nice but it still needs some
work, mainly in terms of debuggability.

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