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Subject[PATCH] slab: Fix kmem_cache_destroy() on NUMA
With CONFIG_NUMA set, kmem_cache_destroy() may fail and say "Can't
free all objects." The problem is caused by sequences such as the
following (suppose we are on a NUMA machine with two nodes, 0 and 1):

* Allocate an object from cache on node 0.
* Free the object on node 1. The object is put into node 1's alien
array_cache for node 0.
* Call kmem_cache_destroy(), which ultimately ends up in __cache_shrink().
* __cache_shrink() does drain_cpu_caches(), which loops through all nodes.
For each node it drains the shared array_cache and then handles the
alien array_cache for the other node.

However this means that node 0's shared array_cache will be drained,
and then node 1 will move the contents of its alien[0] array_cache
into that same shared array_cache. node 0's shared array_cache is
never looked at again, so the objects left there will appear to be in
use when __cache_shrink() calls __node_shrink() for node 0. So
__node_shrink() will return 1 and kmem_cache_destroy() will fail.

This patch fixes this by having drain_cpu_caches() do
drain_alien_cache() on every node before it does drain_array() on the
nodes' shared array_caches.

The problem was originally reported by Or Gerlitz <>.

Cc: Christoph Lameter <>
Cc: Pekka Enberg <>

Signed-off-by: Roland Dreier <>


I get a nervous feeling about touching NUMA slab code, because just
the topic alone makes it sound hairy. But I think my diagnosis and
fix are pretty clear, and this definitely fixes crashes seen when
unloading IB modules. It's a regression from 2.6.16, and x86_64
machines with > 1 NUMA node are quite common, so this probably should
go into 2.6.17.

diff --git a/mm/slab.c b/mm/slab.c
index c32af7e..cb747be 100644
--- a/mm/slab.c
+++ b/mm/slab.c
@@ -2192,11 +2192,14 @@ static void drain_cpu_caches(struct kmem
for_each_online_node(node) {
l3 = cachep->nodelists[node];
- if (l3) {
+ if (l3 && l3->alien)
+ drain_alien_cache(cachep, l3->alien);
+ }
+ for_each_online_node(node) {
+ l3 = cachep->nodelists[node];
+ if (l3)
drain_array(cachep, l3, l3->shared, 1, node);
- if (l3->alien)
- drain_alien_cache(cachep, l3->alien);
- }

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