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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86 NUMA panic compile error
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
    >>* Andy Whitcroft <> wrote:
    >>> if (use_cyclone == 0) {
    >>> /* Make sure user sees something */
    >>>- static const char s[] __initdata = "Not an IBM x440/NUMAQ. Don't use i386 CONFIG_NUMA anywhere else."
    >>>+ static const char s[] __initdata = "Not an IBM x440/NUMAQ. Don't use i386 CONFIG_NUMA anywhere else.";
    >>> early_printk(s);
    >>> panic(s);
    >>> }
    >>i still strongly oppose the original Andi hack... numerous reasons were
    >>given not to apply it (it's nice to simulate/trigger rarer features on
    >>mainstream hardware too, and this ability to boot NUMA on my flat x86
    >>testbox found at least one other NUMA bug already). Furthermore, the
    >>crash i reported was fixed by the NUMA patchset.
    > I'll be darned. I never knew it was even possible to run x86 numa kernels
    > on non-numa boxen. I'd have tested about 1000000 of Christoph Lameter's
    > patches if someone had told me. Yes, it's useful.

    We always assumed it might be reasonable for a distro to want a single
    installer kernel for all machines. So having a combined numa not numa
    capable kernel always seemed like a good idea.

    >>Andrew, please drop:
    >> x86_64-mm-i386-numa-summit-check.patch
    > bang.
    >>(which has nothing to do with x86_64 anyway)
    > True.
    > I guess the concern here is that we don't want people building these
    > frankenkernels and then sending us bug reports against them.
    > So it is perhaps reasonable to do this panic, but only if !CONFIG_EMBEDDED?
    > (It really is time to start renaming CONFIG_EMBEDDED to CONFIG_DONT_DO_THIS
    > or something).


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