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SubjectRe: [RFT] major libata update
Jeff Garzik <> wrote:
> After much development and review, I merged a massive pile of libata
> patches from Tejun Heo and Albert Lee. This update contains the
> following major libata
> * Rewritten error handling. This is a major piece of work, even
> though it will be rarely seen. The new libata EH provides the
> foundation for not only improved error handling, but also new features
> such as device hotplug or command queueing. (Tejun Heo)
> * PIO-based I/O is now IRQ-driven by default, rather than polled
> in a kernel thread. The polling path will continue to exist for
> controllers that need it, and other special cases. (Albert Lee)
> * Core support for command queueing (Jens Axboe, Tejun Heo)
> * Support for NCQ-style command queueing (Jens Axboe, Tejun Heo)
> * Increase max-sectors dramatically, for LBA48 devices (Tejun Heo?)
> * Other minor changes, from myself and others.
> * If all goes well, this update should improve error handling,
> solve several outstanding, difficult-to-solve bugs, and provide a good
> foundation for adding some nifty features in the future.
> * Although most drivers by count received few operational changes, the
> common probe path was updated, so all drivers need fresh "yes, it sees
> all my disks" regression testing.
> * ahci and sata_sil24 were touched a lot, and so need additional
> testing.
> * sata_sil and ata_piix also need healthy re-testing of all basic
> functionality.

Lots of goodies.

> * Please CC on all emails and bug reports.
> * Barring major problems in testing, will submit during 2.6.18 merge window.

I'd be a little concerned with that merge plan at this time - we have a lot
of sata bug reports banked up and afaict a pretty low fixup rate. Then
again, these patches might fix some of those bugs...

I guess if we can get it all in early (which is only a couple of weeks
away!) and you and Tejun will have time set aside to work on problems then
OK. But....

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