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    SubjectRe: [openib-general] Re: [PATCH 0 of 53] ipath driver updates for 2.6.17-rc4
    Roland Dreier wrote:
    > Umm... dumping a 53 patch series into the kernel at this stage in the
    > release cycle isn't going to work. You need to sort out the patches
    > that need to go into 2.6.17 from patches that can wait. For example,
    > a 1500+ line patch to factor out common code is clearly not
    > appropriate now. Pretty much the only patches that should be going in
    > now are changes that fix crashes or other serious bugs.
    > (You can send both sets of patches at the same time -- just let me
    > which ones are for 2.6.17 and which ones can be queued for 2.6.18)
    > I have some more specific comments in reply to individual patches,
    > although I didn't try to review all 53.
    > - R.


    What should these patches apply against?

    I have tried rc4 and a number of them fail, and I have also
    tried one of your gits (though maybe not the right one), and
    at least some of the the same patches seem to fail to apply

    If I can get an idea what they should apply to I will apply them
    against that and see how things look.

    I have at least one of the nasty bugs that I know about.

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