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SubjectRe: [RFC] Hugetlb demotion for x86
On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 11:10 -0500, Adam Litke wrote:
> Yes, the SIGBUS issues are "fixed". Now the application is killed
> directly via VM_FAULT_OOM so it is not possible to handle the fault from
> userspace. For my libhugetlbfs-based fallback approach, I needed to
> patch the kernel so that SIGBUS was delivered to the process like in the
> days of old.

Maybe this could be off-by-default behavior that can be enabled with a
special mmap flag or madvise, or something similar. It seems that apps
don't want to get SIGBUS for low memory. But, if they have _asked_ for
it, perhaps they'd be a bit more willing.

(BTW, I fixed the bogus linux-mm cc, finally ;)

-- Dave

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