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SubjectRE: GPL and NON GPL version modules
On Mon, 15 May 2006, Nutan C. wrote:

> As I said, I haven't started any development and wouldn't want to
> proceed unless and until I am sure of not violating GPL. I am working on
> a proprietary OS and I have a module which can talk to the OS through
> remote mechanism. However, since the interface is susceptible to be used
> by other OS as well, I wanted to make sure of it. I am not an expert in
> Linux. And, that's the reason; I am seeking your opinion, so that I
> don't falter at a later stage.

You don't need to be an expert in Linux to know this. You need to have an
understanding of basic copyright law. You are not taking any GPL work and
distributing it, so you are not even affected by the GPL at all. If this
was the case, someone would have already written a GPL interface with MS
Windows and made MS open up their source. (BTW, there is a GPL work that
interacts remotely with MS, it's called Samba ;)

Go ahead and start on your work. On what you have said, your are totally

-- Steve

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