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Subject[patch 0/9] New Generic HW RNG (#3)
This patch series replaces the old non-generic Hardware Random Number Generator support by a fully generic RNG API.

This makes it possible to register additional RNGs from modules. With this patch series applied, Laptops with
a bcm43xx chip (PowerBook) have a HW RNG available now.

Additionally two new RNG drivers are added for the "ixp4xx" and "omap" devices. (Written by Deepak Saxena).
This patch series includes the old patches by Deepak Saxena.

The old x86-rng driver has beed splitted.

The userspace RNG daemon can later be updated to select the RNG through /sys/class/misc/hw_random/ for convenience. For now it is sufficient to use cat and echo -n on the sysfs attributes.

Please apply to -mm for testing.

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