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    SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] libata: new EH, NCQ, hotplug and PM patches against stable kernel
    Stefan Smietanowski wrote:
    > Randy.Dunlap wrote:
    >>> * New error handling
    >>> * IRQ driven PIO (from Albert Lee)
    >>> * SATA NCQ support
    >>> * Hotplug support
    >>> * Port Multiplier support
    >> BTW, we often use PM to mean Power Management.
    >> Could we find a different acronym for Port Multiplier support,
    >> such as PMS or PX or PXS?
    > Ok, maybe not PMS ?
    > Can you imagine a bug report from someone that "has problem with PMS"?
    > :)

    Would be fun though. :)

    I thought about using another acronym for port multiplier too. But the
    spec uses that acronym all over the place, PM, PMP (Port Multiplier
    Portnumber), which reminds me of USB full/high speed fiasco.

    Urghh... I thought we could use power for power management inside libata
    but that might be a bad idea. So, PMS?

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