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SubjectRe: USB 2.0 ehci failure with large amount of RAM (4GB) on x86_64
Like I said in my previous message, I am not a kernel developer.  I am
a programmer though, so I thought I'd give your suggestions a try.

I added 1 line to drivers/usb/host/ehci-pci.c which sets the DMA mask,
and now it seems to work with ehci loaded and with 4 GB of RAM.
Unfortunately, I don't really understand what I did. Perhaps you have
a better idea what this is doing and if it is correct.

/* NVidia reports that certain chips don't handle
* QH, ITD, or SITD addresses above 2GB. (But TD,
* data buffer, and periodic schedule are normal.)

dma_set_mask(hcd->self.controller, DMA_31BIT_MASK); /* I added this line */

switch (pdev->device) {
case 0x003c: /* MCP04 */
case 0x005b: /* CK804 */
case 0x00d8: /* CK8 */
case 0x00e8: /* CK8S */
if (pci_set_consistent_dma_mask(pdev,
DMA_31BIT_MASK) < 0)
ehci_warn(ehci, "can't enable NVidia "
"workaround for >2GB RAM\n");
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