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SubjectRe: What means "\xc7\x44\x24\x18\xda\xff\xff\xff\xe8"
>Subject: What means "\xc7\x44\x24\x18\xda\xff\xff\xff\xe8"

Does not look like x86 asm code:

> p = (char *) memmem(code, SCLEN, "\xff\x14\x85", 3);

call dword ptr [edx-...]

> pt = (char *) memmem(p+7, SCLEN-(p-code)-7,
> "\xc7\x44\x24\x18\xda\xff\xff\xff\xe8", 9);

mov dword ptr [esp+0x18], 0xffffffda

Nope, does not look meaningful if taken as x86 asm.

Jan Engelhardt
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