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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Cogito-0.17.2

to join the series of git-related announcements, Cogito-0.17.2, the next
maintenance release on the current stable (v0.17) branch of Cogito, the
human-friendly version control system on top of Git, is available now.

There are only very few changes, it looks that we are pretty stable:

Chris Wright:
cogito spec BuildRequires update

Dennis Stosberg:
cogito: Push tags over http

Petr Baudis:
Improved cg-version output (use cg-object-id -d)
cg-patch -c: Stop also at ^diff --git when slurping the commit message
Fixed embarassing cg-admin-rewritehist bug
Make cg-add/rm warnings less confusing: s/files/items/

P.S.: Visit us at #git @ FreeNode!

Happy hacking,

Petr "Stable Pasky" Baudis
Of the 3 great composers Mozart tells us what it's like to be human,
Beethoven tells us what it's like to be Beethoven and Bach tells us
what it's like to be the universe. -- Douglas Adams
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