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SubjectRe: make O="<dir>" install; output not relocated;
Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:
> The modules_install target uses O= for its _input_ files (that is,
> for the readily compiled modules) and outputs to
> $(INSTALL_MOD_PATH)/lib/modules/$VERSION/ . So you may want to set
> $(INSTALL_MOD_PATH) in the same way as you've set V= or O= before.
> If you're trying to prepare something to be copied over to a target
> system, the tar-pkg, targz-pkg and tarbz2-pkg targets may be exactly
> what you're searching for.
Quite possibly. What about an installed kernel (apart from the
modules)? Will the kernel image and map, etc, get installed into
the "INSTALL_MOD_PATH" as well? It doesn't sound, intuitively,
to be so from the environment variable name.
> It's maybe a bit misleading, but `modules_install' isn't a compilation
> run, it's an installation run. O= was ment to hold all
> compiled/generated objects, but to have a working installation, you
> need to break out of that (or have INSTALL_MOD_PATH set.)
Fair enough, but I'm more interested in where to specify
the target location of the installed kernel and as
I don't always have modules for a generated kernel, but usually
(near 100% :-)) have an installable kernel image. For development,
I could see it being useful to mount the target system's root in
a local directory (like /mnt), then have the kernel build install
to a target root of "/mnt".


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