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SubjectRe: C++ pushback
On Wed, 2006-04-26 18:00:52 -0500, Roman Kononov <> wrote:
> Statement expressions are working fine in g++. The main difficulties are:
> - GCC's structure member initialization extensions are syntax
> errors in G++: struct foo_t foo={.member=0};

Erm, you may want to read the current C standard (C99). This isn't an
extension, it's standard.

There's a reason why C++ doesn't support that (yet): C++ is a fork of
C90 (IIRC), so everything that evolved in C during the years is still
missing from C++.

> > Anyway, it should all be doable. Not necessarily even very hard. But I
> > doubt it's worth it.
> I think that allowing C++ code to co-exist with the kernel would be a
> step forward.

You can do with your code whatever you want to:) I think it's just a
matter of practice: If C++ code shows up that is less error-prone than
C code, doesn't use unverifyable amounts of stack space during
constructor runs and is basically _superior_ to C code, that'll find
its way into the kernel. But if it's only as good as the C code, then
why should anybody bother implementing the neccessary stuff to link
C++ code (and to initialize it properly?)


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