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SubjectWhat's in git.git
* The 'maint' branch has fixes mentioned in the 1.3.1 

As I outlined in the 1.3.1 maintenance release announcement,
people with that release will soon be missing many
improvements. The following is a list of what to expect.

* In addition to the above. the 'master' branch has these since
the last announcement,

- git-update-index --chmod=+x now affects all the subsequent
files (Alex Riesen).

- git-update-index --unresolve paths...; this needs
documentation (hint).

- minor "diff --stat" and "show --stat" fixes.

- Makefile dependency fixes. This fixes the infamous
"libgit.a still contains stale diff.o" problem.

- contrib has colordiff that understands --cc output.

- beginning of libified "git diff" family.

- git-commit-tree <ent> -p <parent> now takes extended SHA1
expression, not limited to 40-byte SHA1, for <ent> (it
already did so for <parent>).

- updated gitk to handle repositories with large number of
tags and heads (Paul).

* The 'next' branch, in addition, has these.

- internal log/show/whatchanged family (Linus and me).

- beginning of internal format-patch.

- Geert's similarity code in contrib/

- cache-tree optimization to speed up git-apply + write-tree

Initially I was getting close to 50% improvement, but
re-benching suggests it is more like 16%. An earlier
version in 'next' used a separate .git/index.aux to record
the cache-tree information but now it is stored as part of
the index. If you used previous 'next' (ha, ha) version and
see tmp-indexXXXX.aux or next-indexXXXX.aux files left in
your $GIT_DIR, they can safely be removed.

- more "diff --stat" fixes.

- git-cvsserver: typofixes.

- diff-delta interface reorganization (Nico)

- git-repo-config --list (Pasky)

* The 'pu' branch, in addition, has these.

- resurrect "bind commit"; this has been done only partially.

I have not updated the rev-list/fsck-objects yet. Probably
need to drop the specific "bind " line and replace it with
"link object bind" in the commit objects before going

- get_sha1(): :path and :[0-3]:path to extract from index.

- Loosening path argument check a little bit in revision.c.

I've been meaning to do the opposite of this, the tightening
of ambiguous case mentione by Linus, but haven't got around
to yet (I haven't got around to too many things, hint hint).

- reverse the pack-objects delta window logic (Nico)

This is in theory the right thing to do, but things are not
quite there yet. But Nico is on top of it so we will see
quite an improvement in the pack generation hopefully very

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