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SubjectRe: [Patch 5/8] taskstats interface
Hi Shailabh,

Thanks for your effort in taskstats interface! Really appreciated!
I think this interface can offer a good foundation for other packages
to build on.

Here are a few more comments:

1) You mentioned the "version number within the (taskstats)
structure" in taskstats.txt and a few other places, but i do not see
that field defined in struct taskstats in taskstats.h?

2) In taskstats.txt "Extending taskstats" section, you mentioned two
ways to extend the interface. The second method looks like a method
to encoureage other package developers to create their own interface
(ie, not taskstats) based on generic netlink to avoid reading large
of fields not interested to other particular applications? I will be
with this as long as it is understood and agreed.

Alternatively, you may have considered the pros and cons of #ifdef
fields specific to only one accounting package in the struct taskstats.
If you do, care to share your thoughts? Specific payload information
can be carried in the version field. I am sure the version number of
taskstats does not need 64 bits. With the version number and payload
info, application can surely interpret the taskstats data correctly.

3) In taskstats.txt "Usage" section, you mentioned "... in the Advanced
Usage section below...", but that section does not exist.

4) In do_exit() routine, you do:
+ taskstats_exit_alloc(&tidstats, &tgidstats);

The tidstats and tgidstats are checked in taskstats_exit_send() in
taskstats.c for allocation failure, but a lot has been processed before
the check. The allocation failure happens when system is stressed in
memory. I think we want to do the check earlier?

- jay

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